Remembering Chuck Jordan


By Dick Ruzzin What kind of a designer was he? This has to be the first question for me. You could give Chuck no greater compliment than to say that he was a car designer. He…

Dave Holls’ Career


From Sketches, Special Edition, April 24, 1991 In Brief As we put this special edition of Sketches together in honor of Dave’s retirement, certain aspects of Dave’s character surfaced again and again in conversation with a dozen different…

Bill Porter’s Inside Buick Studio


Designing Buicks in the 1980s and 1990s Bill Porter tells his story of his years as Chief Designer of Buick I Studio from 1980 to 1996. 47 minutes. I was a designer in Buick I in…

Steve Small


By George Prentice “They say” that Steve Small was very eccentric at Art Center and that he slept on a bed of straw. “They say” he had a summer internship at FoMoCo; and rather than find…

The Studio Art Collection of George Prentice


George Prentice graciously provided his studio art collection. Designers represented include Ken Okuyama, Allen Young, Glen Durmisevich, Walt Gershick, Chuck Stebbons, Norm Selnes, Glen Winterscheit, Dennis Burke, Joe Ponce, Bob Loyckx, Dennis Huguley, and Jerry Hirschberg.