The Maharajah’s Silver Daimler


By Stan Mott “This magnificent machine is absolutely authentic, with a minor modification of the elephant head lever and the addition of the ‘wiper ward.’  The serpent horn was copied verbatim, right down to the molars….

Spruce Moose


Compliments of Stan Mott.

Major Howdy Bixby’s Album of Forgotten Warbirds


And other Bruce McCall craziness.   Humbley-Pudge Gallipoli Heavyish Bomber. “Four Varley ‘Panjandrum’ motors screwed her up to a cruising altitude several feet over the legal minimum of the day.” Read the rest of the copy…

1932 Kranzler Sturm Roadster


And other Bruce McCall craziness. 1932 Kranzler Sturm Roadster. “Fast, powerful sports roadsters are nothing exceptional in the annals of speed. Fast, powerful sports roadsters without brakes are more unusual.” Read the rest of the copy…

Cyclops Safety Car Press Release


This just in from Automobili Cyclops SpA. Thanks to Stan Mott.