The Studio Art Collection of George Prentice


George Prentice graciously provided his studio art collection. Designers represented include Ken Okuyama, Allen Young, Glen Durmisevich, Walt Gershick, Chuck Stebbons, Norm Selnes, Glen Winterscheit, Dennis Burke, Joe Ponce, Bob Loyckx, Dennis Huguley, and Jerry Hirschberg.

3 Comments on “The Studio Art Collection of George Prentice

  1.  by  Brian C Baker

    Dear Garage viewers. I’m honored to be included with this prestigious group of my peers. George has always been one of the keepers of the flame for design information and art. Image number 10 was one of the first examples of digital art that created during my years in Cadillac studio. I was working with Dave Macintosh for on a 15 year vision for Cadillac and I composed this mix of a photo from the famous Cadillac ranch in Amarillo Texas with the red sports car proposal that I used an early photo shop type software to propose a Cadillac Roadster. This was 5 years before I brought my own C4 Corvette into the studio and spent a week mocking it up with black foam core and black photo tape to stretch the wheelbase and raise the hood to propose what became the XLR. My 3-d proposal had a rumble seat in the back with two cute women letting the wind blow their hair. Fond memories, Thanks for including me George. Brian C. Baker.

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