2013 Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Reunion

Dean’s Garage has featured several posts about the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild. (I’m currently reviewing John L. Jacobus’ excellent book entitled Inside the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild for an upcoming post.) The Scottsdale, Arizona area becomes transformed into car-town in January, hosting several major car auctions. Next year the FBCG Reunion will join the circus. From January 17–20, the Reunion will host their display at the Scottsdale International Car Museum. Download your invitation and information about the Reunion in Acrobat format. You’ll find all of the information you need to make your plans to attend.

A collection of fifteen FBCG models.

3 Comments on “2013 Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Reunion

  1.  by  Jim Simpson

    The Fisher Body Craftsman Guild, is actually reason enough to go to Scottsdale next winter… The small car show should be incredibly entertaining. Hopefully there will be plenty on display.

  2.  by  Constance Smith

    I was happy to catch the recent addition of the stunning FBCG model made by Charles Jordan around 1947 to the Henry Ford Museum exhibit. It’s right near the EV-1.

    Please, send some exhibits east – Scottsdale is a bit of a drive from NY.

  3.  by  tom osborne

    I am restoring two of my Guild Cars for the event. No winners but still very nice designs to this day!

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