Sneak Preview of the New 1968 GM Cars


Dick Nesbitt sent me these and this note: “I came across some Harry Bradley 1968 forecast illustrations for Motor Trend (July 1967) I got from Strother McMinn when I was at Art Center.” There are two other posts on Dean’s Garage with a great many of Harry’s great illustrations.

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  1.  by  Walter Gomez

    Pretty cool! I remember some of these from that Motor Trend from 1967. Looking at them now, I find it interesting that Harry’s custom car roots come out, in that many of the cars looked like they have been chopped and channeled! Note the “Art Center Dot” on drawings 1 and 5 even though Harry went to Pratt.

  2.  by  Tony Miller

    Man, Harry could draw! It’s a shame that he’s turned away from cars.

  3.  by  Wayne Barratt

    I remember seeing photos of Harry Bradley’s drawings in Hot Rod Magazine in the mid 60’ss, and was blown away by them.

    Back then, few design sketches by professional designers saw the public light of day, and it was Harry’s stuff that probably influenced me to think about a carear in Car design.

    His design work was obviously flamboyant , dynamic and exciting unlike some of the dull and frankly boring stuff that was being turned out in England at the time.

    Thanks Harry!


  4.  by  Jon Albert

    As a high school kid, i WAITED for the New Car Previews that hit the news stands usually early August- just to absorb Harry’s sketches. Harry illustrated a series of these from late 60’s thru early 70’s and his cars always suggested what eventually came out, EXCEPT THEY WERE ALWAYS COOLER! Usually just line work with a little shade and always those excellent reflections, they had a HUGE influence on my developing sketch technique.

  5.  by  keith christensen

    I am trying to find history on Roy Lonberger and his designs – are there any sketches he did in the 1963-1965 ?? ??

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