• assembly-line

    Building the Corvette SS; Stingray Racer at Elkhart; Building the ’53 Corvette; Design Center Tour

    Vintage GM video of Building the Experimental Corvette SS. An inside look at the construction of the car; many shots of Duntov. About the Corvette SS Led by the gifted Zora Arkus-Duntov, a team of engineers…

  • MitchellBikes

    A Bill Mitchell Anecdote

    By Sheldon Payne During the years 1969 and 1975, I worked for GM’s Body Development Studio at Design Staff and used to build motorcycle models at home in the winter to satisfy my desire for the…

  • Bill Mitchell with the Monza GT

    Salute to William L. Mitchell

    GM Design Staff Impact Magazine, July 1977 When Bill Mitchell retired, GM Design Staff’s in-house magazine published a special edition saluting his career. The issue can be downloaded in Acrobat (.pdf) format by clicking on this…

  • Mitchell-Bill-003

    Reminiscences of William L. Mitchell

    Bill Mitchell poses in front of the Styling Administration Building with his 1959 Corvette Stingray race car. I’m not sure when the bronze sculpture on his right was installed, but when I was there it had…


Motor Trend Classic Chuck Jordan Interview

Interview with Chuck Jordan, GM’s Chief Designer The General’s Tailor: Chuck Jordan, who in 1986 became only the fourth chief designer in GM’s history, offers his candid views on what makes a great auto design. From…


Days of Future Past

By Mel Francis While the iconic 1967 Moody Blues album of the same name was an outstanding concept in itself, its title expresses somewhat, the plight of many well known automotive concept vehicles, over the ensuing…

Chuck Jordan, John Mellberg, and Ron VanGeldren

Exclusive 2006 Interview with Charles M. (Chuck) Jordan

Interviewed in 2006 by Ron VanGelderen, past President of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club. Published by permission. Copyright 2006 Ron VanGelderen. There are three other posts about Chuck Jordan on Dean’s Garage with many images. Introduction Charles M….


Corvette SS at Sebring, 1957

I am 300 pages into Karl Ludvigsen’s latest book, Corvette, America’s Star Spangled Sports Car. Most Corvette books seem to just hit the highlights. Not so Karl’s book. It chronicles the incredible effort made by a few…


Stories from Baja—Bad Gas? Not So Fast.

Another post in a series of the experiences from Baja written by my friend John Thawley. Read about some of John’s exploits on Dean’s Garage. John died on July 14, 2009. Published by permission from John…



The Dreaded Rattle

A delightful account by Karl Ludvigsen Published in Hemmings Sports and Exotic cars Though it started badly the trip was going well. The bad start was my fault. Chris Whitehead completed a lot of good work…



Stunning Ferrari 330 P4 Video

Ferrari 330 P4 Posted on Petrolicous As much as any other car, the Ferrari 330 P4 is the embodiment and culmination of an entire era of racing. With its low-slung stance and voluptuous lines, it is…


Stories from Baja—True Grit

Another post in a series of the experiences from Baja written by John Thawley. Read about some of John’s exploits on Dean’s Garage. John died on July 14, 2009. Published by permission from John Thawley, Jr. True Grit Make…



1970—A Year To Remember—John Wyer’s Gulf Porsche 917 Team

1970—A Year To Remember—John Wyer’s Gulf Porsche 917 Team A wonderful period film detailing the 1970 World Sportscar Championship as remembered by John Wyer with appearances by Pedro Rodriguez, Jo Siffert, Leo Kinnunen, Brian Redman and…