• sebringss

    Corvette SS at Sebring, 1957

    I am 300 pages into Karl Ludvigsen’s latest book, Corvette, America’s Star Spangled Sports Car. Most Corvette books seem to just hit the highlights. Not so Karl’s book. It chronicles the incredible effort made by a few…

  • Sting-ray

    Stingray Name Controversy

    Contributed by Martyn Schorr Motor Trend, April 2014: In the September 2013 issue of Motor Trend, we ran a timeline showing the history of the Stingray (Refined Tuning, page 44). We later received a letter from…

  • brock-corvette-book-chapter-8-genesis-stingray-the-xp-87-pg1

    Corvette Sting Ray: Genesis of an American Icon

    A New Book by Peter Brock This post features the Press Release from BRE about Peter Brock’s new book, a summary of the book, and a gallery of several pages. Ordering information is at the end…

  • # 10 - M Parks in Ron Weaver AP - IMG_9161

    Mike Parks/Pete Klain Corvette at Sonoma Raceway Video

    The original Pete Klain and now restored Mike Parks Trans Am Group I Corvette has been featured several times on Dean’s Garage (Déjá Vu—Pete Klain’s Corvette Resurrected and Pete Klain’s SCCA Trans Am Group I Corvette)….

  • img_3641

    Déjá Vu—Pete Klain’s Corvette Resurrected

    Miracles Happen.   What’s this all about? Read an earlier post on Dean’s Garage describing the car and stories from the ’70s. The thrill of victory—the agony of defeat. Mike Parks bought this old C3 Corvette…

  • CorvetteFront013011sml

    1965 Corvette Coupe Resto-Mod, Part One

    This is a post for gearheads. And Corvette enthusiasts. I had a 1965 Corvette Coupe follow me home in March, 2010. A shiny red disaster. It’s not like I don’t have enough to do or was…

  • img_0043

    Jim Ray’s 1965 Corvette 396 4-speed Coupe

    Front bumpers—gone. Jim Ray is my neighbor. Despite health issues, he’s always friendly and likes to talk. Especially about cars, motorcycles, and tell crazy stories from days long gone. Jim brought over a CD with scanned…

  • 51shinoda

    Larry Shinoda Interview Video

    Larry Shinoda Interview Gary Moore features the Golden Sahara II by George Barris on I’ve Got a Secret Studebaker Lark Daytona Wagonaire with sliding roof 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner Commercial with Desi and Lucy

  • 50shinoda

    Larry Shinoda, Part 1

    Larry Shinoda—Car Enthusiast,  Student at Art Center. His first time at Ford, then Packard, and then GM Styling. His time at Ford, White Motors, and as an independent designer will be featured in Part 2. More…

  • motorama-trucks

    Motorama Corvettes and Showcars

    Bob Caderet renderings, Corvette Nomad and Corvair artwork, early Corvette production shots, Astro I, Astro II, XP-819, Mako Shark I and II vintage photos, and a few unusual Motorama photos. Photos courtesy of Wayne Ellwood of…

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    Corvette Racing History Videos

    Thanks to the Registry of Corvette Race Cars

  • 031-kip2rotor

    1973 XP-897 GT/2-Rotor Corvette Artwork

    Artwork by Kip Wasenko, Tom Covert, and Others This lithe concept mounted a 180-horse Wankel transversely, driving a new automatic transaxle being developed for the forthcoming X-body Citation. Designed by GM’s Experimental Studio and built on…

  • 1965_Chevrolet_Corvette_Mako_Shark-II_XP-83_06

    Corvette SS and Mako Shark II Period Videos

    Corvette SS Video shows designing and building the Corvette SS. Mako Shark II

  • XP856

    1969 Chevrolet Corvette XP-856 Aero Coupe?

    This image was on a yearly Corvette desk calendar. It is identified as a Corvette XP-856, but I’ve never seen it before. Does anybody know what this is?

  • AeroVetteCvr650

    Aerovette Brochure

    A rare brochure showing the development of the Aerovette. It was first known as the Four-Rotor Corvette because it was designed to have a four-rotor rotary engine. Because of emissions and fuel economy issues, GM scrapped…

  • patrick-bedard-and-zora-arkus-duntov-with-the-1971-chevrolet-corvettes-photo-525560-s-1280x782

    Zora Arkus Duntov and the Sounds of a 1961 Corvette

    Years ago I had this neighbor, Marge, who was seriously into opera. She had several three foot wide closets with four shelves each filled with LP albums. A small bedroom served as her sound enclosure. There…

  • KlainsCorvette3

    Pete Klain’s SCCA Trans Am Group I Corvette

    [Click here to see a gallery of images scanned from slides taken of Pete Klain’s Corvette from 1976 through 1978.] Pete Klain In 1976 I met Pete Klain and got involved with his racing efforts. He…

  • grandsport1

    The Commute

    Car Fiction by Gary D. Smith The rush hour commute downtown could be worse—I’m usually ahead of the main stampede. With all of the construction it still can take nearly an hour. If I’m not in…


1970—A Year To Remember—John Wyer’s Gulf Porsche 917 Team

1970—A Year To Remember—John Wyer’s Gulf Porsche 917 Team A wonderful period film detailing the 1970 World Sportscar Championship as remembered by John Wyer with appearances by Pedro Rodriguez, Jo Siffert, Leo Kinnunen, Brian Redman and…


The Making of Le Mans

Check out this 14-minute behind-the-scenes mini-doc on the making of the film Le Mans, detailing what went into getting all that high-speed footage and how far Steve McQueen wanted to go to make the film as…


Steve McQueen’s view—Porsche 917K

From the movie, LeMans. This is the same car driven by John Thomas that is featured in the sound files recorded by Mike Parris at Riverside International Raceway in 1980. The first audio file was posted…

25. 1971 Greenwood & Smothers 1st

Corvette—America’s Star-Spangled Sports Car, The Complete History

Book Review by Gary Smith Man from UNCLE was a hit SCI-FI TV series that premiered on September 22, 1964. The TV show was a sensation. I was in 10th grade, first year of High School….


Henry Ford Museum Photo Archives

There are 52,188 photos in this Henry Ford Museum Photostream on Flickr including many historically significant racing photos and shoots from various events from 1958 through 1971. Albums include Indianapolis 500, Riverside, LeMans, Mexican Grand Prix,…


History of the Trans-Am Series 1966–1995 Video

This documentary about the first 30 years of the SCCA Trans-Am Championship features interviews with Roger Penske, Dan Gurney, Sam Posey, Bob Tullius, and Parnelli Jones. There is a brief scene showing Pete Klain’s Group I…


The Kookiest Cars at Pebble Week

by Michael Lamm Most people, when they attend Pebble Week, go there to see the gorgeous, glamorous cars—the coachbuilt classics, vintage racers or even the exotics that cruise here, there and everywhere or, more likely, get…



Corvette SS at Sebring, 1957

I am 300 pages into Karl Ludvigsen’s latest book, Corvette, America’s Star Spangled Sports Car. Most Corvette books seem to just hit the highlights. Not so Karl’s book. It chronicles the incredible effort made by a few…


Stories from Baja—Bad Gas? Not So Fast.

Another post in a series of the experiences from Baja written by my friend John Thawley. Read about some of John’s exploits on Dean’s Garage. John died on July 14, 2009. Published by permission from John…