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    Steve Small

    By George Prentice “They say” that Steve Small was very eccentric at Art Center and that he slept on a bed of straw. “They say” he had a summer internship at FoMoCo; and rather than find…

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    The Studio Art Collection of George Prentice

    George Prentice graciously provided his studio art collection. Designers represented include Ken Okuyama, Allen Young, Glen Durmisevich, Walt Gershick, Chuck Stebbons, Norm Selnes, Glen Winterscheit, Dennis Burke, Joe Ponce, Bob Loyckx, Dennis Huguley, and Jerry Hirschberg.

  • BitterFeatured2

    The 1979 Opel Bitter Story

    Design of the Opel Bitter CD at Opel Design in Russelsheim, Germany By Dick Ruzzin Opel Design in November of 1971. To understand the importance of Opel Design in the early seventies, it should be known…

  • SteamSpeed

    Steam Speed

    I ran across this amazing animation and immediately thought that there was an uncanny resemblance to Stan Mott’s Les 24 Heures De Choo Choo. So I emailed Stan. From Stan Mott: Russian enthusiast Роман Кузнецов (Roman Kuznetsov)…

  • jordanopel01

    Motor Trend Classic Chuck Jordan Interview

    Interview with Chuck Jordan, GM’s Chief Designer The General’s Tailor: Chuck Jordan, who in 1986 became only the fourth chief designer in GM’s history, offers his candid views on what makes a great auto design. From…

  • 1965-Pontiac-Banshee-front-three-quarters-in-motion

    1965 Pontiac Banshee: The Story of the XP-833

    Wail in the Night: The Poor Man’s Corvette? by Steve Magnante. Photos by David Freers. Source: Motor Trend, January 2013 Imagine yourself as the general manager of Chevrolet in 1966. You’re at the wheel of the…

  • 11carbig

    George Krispinsky—Ford, AMC, and Chrysler Designer

    Automotive Design Oral History Project Interview and Reminiscences of George Krispinsky (GK) including a few samples of his studio artwork, and a short video (about the origins of Ford’s retractible hardtop) taken during the interview. This interview is…

  • SmallChevy1

    Testing a Small Chevrolet

    by Stan Mott “Robert (Cumberford) and I produced it for Road & Track in 1958. But John Bond wouldn’t buy because he thought we were making fun of his Road Test scratch board illustrations. (He was…

  • rendering-pete-wozena

    Studio Art Collector Federic Sharf

    Published in January 2012 issue of Automobile Magazine by Phil Patton Bonus: Two galleries of vintage studio artwork Fantastically long and low, with sheer fins and swooping bodies, they are dream cars on paper. But many…

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    Corvette Sting Ray: Genesis of an American Icon

    A New Book by Peter Brock This post features the Press Release from BRE about Peter Brock’s new book, a summary of the book, and a gallery of several pages. Ordering information is at the end…

  • GMdesignvid_700

    The Design Makers—Inside Ford Design

    A fascinating time capsule late ’60s look inside Ford Design. Interviews with designers. We even get to join a group during a executive review and eavesdrop on the discussion. Well worth the watch. Homer LaGassey appears…

  • SingerModeling

    The Singer 911

    The way you’d want to do one if you could. Go to Singer Vehicle Design. Nicely designed site with superb galleries of cars in process as well as completed vehicles. The ultimate 911 doesn’t come cheap,…

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    Days of Future Past

    By Mel Francis While the iconic 1967 Moody Blues album of the same name was an outstanding concept in itself, its title expresses somewhat, the plight of many well known automotive concept vehicles, over the ensuing…

  • 1966 Tornado and Riveria in Body Development Studio.

    1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Development

    Dick Ruzzin’s Personal account of the development of the ’66 Tornado I was new and experiencing my first design program of note. It was all like magic, as sketches, words and imagination all converged on the…

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    GM Designer Bill Michalak

    By Bill Michalak My desire to design cars for General Motors started at the age of eight. Like many other kids with the same goal, I was fortunate to actually see my dream come true. Employment…

  • m077

    Monza SS Tribute

    By Mel Francis This 2011 prototype is a design projection of how Chevrolet’s original 1963 Monza SS concept might have turned out, had it gone into actual production. It’s a tribute to Larry Shinoda, who designed…

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    Detroit News—Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Reunion

    The Detroit News published a great online photo gallery covering the January, 2013 Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Reunion held at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona. Click on this link to review their post: “Model Makers…

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    Geza Loczi

    I had the privilege of working with Geza in my first studio when I  first started at General Motors, He was the assistant chief designer of Advanced Chevrolet. Ron Hill was the studio chief. Last month…

  • dennislittle

    2013 Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Reunion

    GM’s Great Talent Search A reunion of many participants in the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild was held at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, January 18 and 19. Models representing the ’50s through the ’70s were on…

  • img_8152

    Geza Loczi’s Seven Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Models

    Don’t miss the Fisher Body Model Car Show at the Arizona Biltmore, Jan 18-19, 2013. “Stick-to-itiveness.” Geza Loczi graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 1965. Then on to General Motors Design Staff where…


Prowler Retro Kit

This kit features a full complement of those quaint old car parts that hot rodders love to tear off! Build your own hot rod in a matter of hours! Thanks to Stan Mott.


The Maharajah’s Silver Daimler

By Stan Mott “This magnificent machine is absolutely authentic, with a minor modification of the elephant head lever and the addition of the ‘wiper ward.’  The serpent horn was copied verbatim, right down to the molars….


Spruce Moose

Compliments of Stan Mott.


The Kookiest Cars at Pebble Week

by Michael Lamm Most people, when they attend Pebble Week, go there to see the gorgeous, glamorous cars—the coachbuilt classics, vintage racers or even the exotics that cruise here, there and everywhere or, more likely, get…



Corvette SS at Sebring, 1957

I am 300 pages into Karl Ludvigsen’s latest book, Corvette, America’s Star Spangled Sports Car. Most Corvette books seem to just hit the highlights. Not so Karl’s book. It chronicles the incredible effort made by a few…


Stories from Baja—Bad Gas? Not So Fast.

Another post in a series of the experiences from Baja written by my friend John Thawley. Read about some of John’s exploits on Dean’s Garage. John died on July 14, 2009. Published by permission from John…



The Dreaded Rattle

A delightful account by Karl Ludvigsen Published in Hemmings Sports and Exotic cars Though it started badly the trip was going well. The bad start was my fault. Chris Whitehead completed a lot of good work…



Stunning Ferrari 330 P4 Video

Ferrari 330 P4 Posted on Petrolicous As much as any other car, the Ferrari 330 P4 is the embodiment and culmination of an entire era of racing. With its low-slung stance and voluptuous lines, it is…


Stories from Baja—True Grit

Another post in a series of the experiences from Baja written by John Thawley. Read about some of John’s exploits on Dean’s Garage. John died on July 14, 2009. Published by permission from John Thawley, Jr. True Grit Make…