• Help identify the people in the photo. Art Center, c1955.

    Alex Tremulis at Art Center School, Class of 1955/56

    Steve Tremulis sent me these hoping that DG readers can help in identifying the people in these fantastic photos. Click on the photos for a larger view. A post on Steve’s site is entitled “A 1955…

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    Alex Tremulis and the 1948 Tucker

    I was privledged to be able to eavesdrop on an interesting email conversation regarding the ’48 Tucker. It went like this: Karl Ludvigsen: Tucker is high on my list of books I’d like to write—a proper…


Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Reunion, 2015

These Models Aren’t Missing. By John Jacobus At the Guild Reunion in Salt Lake City, 18 Guildsmen exhibited 30 historic 1/12 scale models from GM’s Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild (1930 to 1968). These models represented the competition years 1953 to 1967 and…



1968 Dow

Yet Another Missing Model. by Terry Boyce, Society of Automotive Historians Member Automotive author Terry Boyce is trying to help 81-year-old retired clay modeler Gene Watch find “his” 1968 Dow 1/4-scale concept car—or, at least, determine…



The Story of One Missing Model

By Paul Tatseos GM bought most of them for display purposes they were shown all over the country as the article states.  GM bought my 1956 regional winner for that purpose—they paid me $250 which was…



Mystery of the Missing Models

Mystery of the Missing Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Models by Ron Will The Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild contest was promoted by GM Design genius Harley Earl as a way to seek out young talented car designers….



Midnight Rambler | Magnus Walker in L.A.

A Lap of Downtown Los Angeles The rough streets of downtown Los Angeles aren’t typically thought of as a great driving destination, but things change at night. Join our friend Magnus Walker on his favorite route…



GM Designer Gray Counts

Gray Counts’ GM Artwork Long story short: it took a call from Ed Welburn to encourage Gray to bring in what work he may have for scanning and archiving at GM. He did so. Gray had…



Neil DeAtley’s ’27 Track-T

by Gary Smith Featured in the June 2015 issue of Street Rodder Magazine. I was introduced to Neil DeAtley, a Scottsdale car collector, in 2005 by a mutual friend who thought I could help Neil get…



Stories from Baja—The Great Tech Inspector

Another post in a series of the experiences from Baja written by John Thawley. Read about some of John’s exploits on Dean’s Garage. John died on July 14, 2009. Published by permission from John Thawley, Jr. The Great Tech Inspector…



Stories from Baja—Rally or Race?

Another post in a series of the experiences from Baja written by John Thawley. Read about some of John’s exploits on Dean’s Garage. John died on July 14, 2009. Published by permission from John Thawley, Jr. Rally or Race?…



American Dreaming Update

American Dreaming Exhibit Documentary Film Teaser American Dreaming Exhibition Website They are seeking contributions to finance the Documentary. April 17–May 2, 2015 Detroit’s Golden Age of Automotive Design I received this from Robert Edwards and Bill Porter:…