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    Mike Parks/Pete Klain Corvette at Sonoma Raceway Video

    The original Pete Klain and now restored Mike Parks Trans Am Group I Corvette has been featured several times on Dean’s Garage (Déjá Vu—Pete Klain’s Corvette Resurrected and Pete Klain’s SCCA Trans Am Group I Corvette)….

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    Déjá Vu—Pete Klain’s Corvette Resurrected

    Miracles Happen.   What’s this all about? Read an earlier post on Dean’s Garage describing the car and stories from the ’70s. The thrill of victory—the agony of defeat. Mike Parks bought this old C3 Corvette…


Harry Bradley’s Mitchell GP

Text and photos complements of the car’s owner and builder, Dave Crook. Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed receiving and reading the very informative articles posted on your website that arrive via E-mail. It recently occurred…



Remarkable 1956 Nassau Video

Don’t miss this remarkable home movie from 1956 Nassau Race in the Bahamas. The quality is quite good, but no sound; make race car noises while you watch. There are shots unloading the cars from the…



Unicontrol and a Sonic Key

Firebird III GMs Turbine Powered Wonder—An Experiment for Tomorrow The new C7 Corvette Z06 may be supercharged and have 650 horsepower, but it doesn’t have Unicontrol and a Sonic Key. The Firebird III was an experimental…


The Howmet Batmobile

The Howmet TX Turbine Car. It looks like an endurance Racer. Sounds like the Batmobile. When I watched the video, I smiled for 5 minutes. The sound! Text from the Ascott Collection. An emblematic car The…


25. 1971 Greenwood & Smothers 1st

Corvette—America’s Star-Spangled Sports Car, The Complete History

Book Review by Gary Smith Man from UNCLE was a hit SCI-FI TV series that premiered on September 22, 1964. The TV show was a sensation. I was in 10th grade, first year of High School….


Henry Ford Museum Photo Archives

There are 52,188 photos in this Henry Ford Museum Photostream on Flickr including many historically significant racing photos and shoots from various events from 1958 through 1971. Albums include Indianapolis 500, Riverside, LeMans, Mexican Grand Prix,…