Allan Flowers, NDI Designer

Allan Flowers is one of the most creative designers I have ever met. A sampling of his work while at Nissan Design and after he retired is represented here. For an explanation of this work, including videos,…



David McIntosh, GM Designer

David McIntosh’s career at General Motors Design spanned nearly forty years, from 1964 to 2003. Many important transitions took place during that time frame that would forever alter the way cars are designed, and David saw them…



Clark Lincoln, GM Designer

Clark Lincoln’s jaw-dropping illustrations were an inspiration to me in terms of technique, composition, and design. I spent many years in Buick Exterior I studio, and it was there that I believe we worked together for…



Remembering Chuck Jordan

By Dick Ruzzin What kind of a designer was he? This has to be the first question for me. You could give Chuck no greater compliment than to say that he was a car designer. He…


1963 Pilot Line (28)

1963 Corvette Pilot Build Photos

118 photos show how the 1963 Corvette was assembled on the pilot line at the St. Louis plant. Very interesting, at least to me, who is putting together a 1965 Corvette.



Maestro: Bill Mitchell and the Iconic Cars of GM Styling

The untold story behind GM’s most iconic cars Book Release Update 10/21/2015. Maestro is currently being revised and the release has been delayed. Estimated January 2016 availability. Roy Lonberger had a front row seat to the greatest…



Allan Flowers, GM Designer

  “Design is a long, messy process involving many people, most of whom are never ever given the least bit of publicity. The guy at the top and in charge, rightfully or not, usually gets the credit…



2015 League of Retired Designers Project

The 2015 project by the League of Retired Automotive Designers was to create new Cord, Dusenberg, and Auburn designs. Several designers have featured artwork posts on Dean’s Garage. Some of the biographies are incomplete. My apologies….


Nice Pass!

Corvette C7R at Le Mans, 2015 I don’t know how many times I witnessed Cobras eat Corvettes for lunch in the ’60s at the Riverside International Raceway. So it was sure cool to watch the success…



The Boston Model

Reproduction of Milton J. Antonick’s 1955 First National Senior Scholarship, $4,000 Award Winning Guild Model by Milton J. Antonick, Detroit, Michigan Since Fisher Body no longer exists and GM apparently destroyed all contest models, I elected…



2014 League of Retired Designers Project

The 2014 project by the League of Retired Automotive Designers was to create designs for Ford models no longer made; ’37 Ford, Lincoln Continental, Thunderbird, ‘49 Mercury, Turnpike Cruiser. The designs were shown at the Eyes on Design…



Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Reunion, 2015

These Models Aren’t Missing. By John Jacobus At the Guild Reunion in Salt Lake City, 18 Guildsmen exhibited 30 historic 1/12 scale models from GM’s Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild (1930 to 1968). These models represented the competition years 1953 to 1967 and…



1968 Dow

Yet Another Missing Model. by Terry Boyce, Society of Automotive Historians Member Automotive author Terry Boyce is trying to help 81-year-old retired clay modeler Gene Watch find “his” 1968 Dow 1/4-scale concept car—or, at least, determine…



The Story of One Missing Model

By Paul Tatseos GM bought most of them for display purposes they were shown all over the country as the article states.  GM bought my 1956 regional winner for that purpose—they paid me $250 which was…



Mystery of the Missing Models

Mystery of the Missing Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Models by Ron Will The Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild contest was promoted by GM Design genius Harley Earl as a way to seek out young talented car designers….



Midnight Rambler | Magnus Walker in L.A.

A Lap of Downtown Los Angeles The rough streets of downtown Los Angeles aren’t typically thought of as a great driving destination, but things change at night. Join our friend Magnus Walker on his favorite route…