• DSCF0071_GeorgePrenticeCollection_86125

    The Studio Art Collection of George Prentice

    George Prentice graciously provided his studio art collection. Designers represented include Ken Okuyama, Allen Young, Glen Durmisevich, Walt Gershick, Chuck Stebbons, Norm Selnes, Glen Winterscheit, Dennis Burke, Joe Ponce, Bob Loyckx, Dennis Huguley, and Jerry Hirschberg.

  • rendering-pete-wozena

    Studio Art Collector Federic Sharf

    Published in January 2012 issue of Automobile Magazine by Phil Patton Bonus: Two galleries of vintage studio artwork Fantastically long and low, with sheer fins and swooping bodies, they are dream cars on paper. But many…

  • gm0032

    John M. Mellberg’s Career—Part One

    Boys love cars, firetrucks, tractors, and flying machines. John Mellberg designed them. John won the 2nd National Senior Award in the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild in 1966, and started his career working at General Motors Design…

  • dsc_5357
  • 20earl

    Harley Earl’s Scrapbooks

    Special Interest Autos, May-June 1976 Article by Michael Lamm An occasional touch of humor to break the tension. This very intriguing and well written article concerns three binders of illustrations, with three interesting theories of how…

  • 003Buick

    More Rescued Studio Sketches

    Jerry Hirschberg, early ’70s.

  • loczi_1431_0

    More Rescued Sketches

    This is a Geza Loczi vellum sketch from the early ’70s.

  • RedCadillacGarySmith

    More Rescued Studio Artwork

    These photos were sent to me as sketch samples around 1964 by General Motors. Al Flowers, late ’70s.

  • MacAdam-Olds

    Rescued Studio Artwork and Photos

    An enormous amount of beautiful artwork was routinely thrown out. The individual designer’s furniture at GM consisted of a wooden drawing table, a taboret, an uncomfortable broken chair, and a large wooden table with a large…


Unicontrol and a Sonic Key

Firebird III GMs Turbine Powered Wonder—An Experiment for Tomorrow The new C7 Corvette Z06 may be supercharged and have 650 horsepower, but it doesn’t have Unicontrol and a Sonic Key. The Firebird III was an experimental…


The Howmet Batmobile

The Howmet TX Turbine Car. It looks like an endurance Racer. Sounds like the Batmobile. When I watched the video, I smiled for 5 minutes. The sound! Text from the Ascott Collection. An emblematic car The…


25. 1971 Greenwood & Smothers 1st

Corvette—America’s Star-Spangled Sports Car, The Complete History

Book Review by Gary Smith Man from UNCLE was a hit SCI-FI TV series that premiered on September 22, 1964. The TV show was a sensation. I was in 10th grade, first year of High School….


Henry Ford Museum Photo Archives

There are 52,188 photos in this Henry Ford Museum Photostream on Flickr including many historically significant racing photos and shoots from various events from 1958 through 1971. Albums include Indianapolis 500, Riverside, LeMans, Mexican Grand Prix,…


History of the Trans-Am Series 1966–1995 Video

This documentary about the first 30 years of the SCCA Trans-Am Championship features interviews with Roger Penske, Dan Gurney, Sam Posey, Bob Tullius, and Parnelli Jones. There is a brief scene showing Pete Klain’s Group I…


The Kookiest Cars at Pebble Week

by Michael Lamm Most people, when they attend Pebble Week, go there to see the gorgeous, glamorous cars—the coachbuilt classics, vintage racers or even the exotics that cruise here, there and everywhere or, more likely, get…