• img025_GeorgePrenticeCollection_86125

    Steve Small

    By George Prentice “They say” that Steve Small was very eccentric at Art Center and that he slept on a bed of straw. “They say” he had a summer internship at FoMoCo; and rather than find…

  • DSCF0071_GeorgePrenticeCollection_86125

    The Studio Art Collection of George Prentice

    George Prentice graciously provided his studio art collection. Designers represented include Ken Okuyama, Allen Young, Glen Durmisevich, Walt Gershick, Chuck Stebbons, Norm Selnes, Glen Winterscheit, Dennis Burke, Joe Ponce, Bob Loyckx, Dennis Huguley, and Jerry Hirschberg.

  • jordanopel01

    Motor Trend Classic Chuck Jordan Interview

    Interview with Chuck Jordan, GM’s Chief Designer The General’s Tailor: Chuck Jordan, who in 1986 became only the fourth chief designer in GM’s history, offers his candid views on what makes a great auto design. From…

  • 1965-Pontiac-Banshee-front-three-quarters-in-motion

    1965 Pontiac Banshee: The Story of the XP-833

    Wail in the Night: The Poor Man’s Corvette? by Steve Magnante. Photos by David Freers. Source: Motor Trend, January 2013 Imagine yourself as the general manager of Chevrolet in 1966. You’re at the wheel of the…

  • brock-corvette-book-chapter-8-genesis-stingray-the-xp-87-pg1

    Corvette Sting Ray: Genesis of an American Icon

    A New Book by Peter Brock This post features the Press Release from BRE about Peter Brock’s new book, a summary of the book, and a gallery of several pages. Ordering information is at the end…

  • 1966 Tornado and Riveria in Body Development Studio.

    1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Development

    Dick Ruzzin’s Personal account of the development of the ’66 Tornado I was new and experiencing my first design program of note. It was all like magic, as sketches, words and imagination all converged on the…

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    GM Designer Bill Michalak

    By Bill Michalak My desire to design cars for General Motors started at the age of eight. Like many other kids with the same goal, I was fortunate to actually see my dream come true. Employment…

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    Geza Loczi’s Seven Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Models

    Don’t miss the Fisher Body Model Car Show at the Arizona Biltmore, Jan 18-19, 2013. “Stick-to-itiveness.” Geza Loczi graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 1965. Then on to General Motors Design Staff where…

  • 11-1-deansgarage-111-c1608-0027-astro-hi-rez

    An Interview with Roy Lonberger, Part 2

    The Golden Years of GM Styling: A personal recollection of William Mitchell, Vice President of General Motors Styling by Roy Lonberger Heritage Center Interview, Part 2 In April 2011 Roy Lonberger was invited by John Manoogian…

  • 10-4-deansgarage-9-c1169-0010_monzagt_ss_04101963-hirez-of-gt-ss

    An interview with Roy Lonberger, Part 1

    The Golden Years of GM Styling: A personal recollection of William Mitchell, Vice President of General Motors Styling by Roy Lonberger Heritage Center Interview In April 2011 Roy Lonberger was invited by John Manoogian (former Head…

  • Pontiac Chief Designer Bill Porter poses proudly with a 1970 GTO in front of GM Design Staff at the GM Tech Center.

    Interview with Bill Porter; Pontiac Design in the ’60s

    This article was featured in the June, 2000 issue of High Performance Pontiac. Written by Eric Peters. Photos by the author and the William Porter archives. High Performance Pontiac caught up with former Pontiac Chief Designer…

  • Chuck Jordan, John Mellberg, and Ron VanGeldren

    Exclusive 2006 Interview with Charles M. (Chuck) Jordan

    Interviewed in 2006 by Ron VanGelderen, past President of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club. Published by permission. Copyright 2006 Ron VanGelderen. There are three other posts about Chuck Jordan on Dean’s Garage with many images. Introduction Charles M….

  • Mitchell-Bill-003

    85 Year History of GM Design

    What we have here is a 2:50 minute video snapshot of the history of GM Design. The glimpses of the personalities involved in the saga will bring back memories of those that lived some of it….

  • img079_pauldeesen_85948

    GM Designer Paul Deesen, the Pontiac Strato Star, and Sebring 1957

    Paul was interested in cars for as long as he can remember. One day the shop manager at a local Pontiac dealership let him drive his beautiful MG TC home to show his mother in hopes…

  • russinoff-corvette-aerostudio

    GM Designer Elia Russinoff, Part 2

    Contributed on behalf of Elia Russinoff by John Mellberg. Captions by John Mellberg. Russ had a stellar career with 40 years as a designer with General Motors Design from 1955-1995. He graduated from Pratt Institute in…

  • russinoff25

    GM Designer Elia Russinoff

    By John Mellberg Our designer friend and colleague, Elia ‘Russ’ Russinoff, has provided a portfolio of his work to feature on Dean’s Garage, shown on behalf of the Automotive Designers Guild and The League of Retired…

  • 15advfirebird

    1970-71 F-body Concept—Advanced Pontiac Studio

    By John Mellberg I’ve had these photos filed in a brown envelope since leaving GM Styling in 1972. The car in the photos was a Firebird that was underway when I was assigned to the Advanced…

  • bubbletop

    Random images

    Random images I’ve picked up along the way.

  • 1999-Pontiac-GTO-Concept-Car

    1999 GTO Concept

    GM’s First All-math Model Photos Courtesy of Wayne Ellwood The GTO Concept was created in the fall of 1998 in only three or four months. It was done when Brian Baker had the Advanced Design Group,…

  • aerotechint01

    Oldsmobile Aerotech Interior Design

    Photos and text courtesy of William Quan. Oldsmobile wanted to highlight the introduction of the Quad Four engine by showing it off as a highly modified engine mounted onto an Indy type racing chassis. The goal…


The Beast of Turin trailer

Frankly it looks scary. With no exhaust as such we’re treated to the sight of the aftermath of internal combustion shooting straight out of the exhaust ports while the whole car shakes violently. Bear in mind…



Phillip Payne—Ford, AMC, Chrysler Designer

The Career of Phillip E. Payne Payne’s career in automotive styling began in 1960 upon graduation from the Cleveland Institute of Art with job offers from GM and Ford. He chose Ford, in large part because…



Harry Bradley’s Mitchell GP

Text and photos complements of the car’s owner and builder, Dave Crook. Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed receiving and reading the very informative articles posted on your website that arrive via E-mail. It recently occurred…



Remarkable 1956 Nassau Video

Don’t miss this remarkable home movie from 1956 Nassau Race in the Bahamas. The quality is quite good, but no sound; make race car noises while you watch. There are shots unloading the cars from the…



Unicontrol and a Sonic Key

Firebird III GMs Turbine Powered Wonder—An Experiment for Tomorrow The new C7 Corvette Z06 may be supercharged and have 650 horsepower, but it doesn’t have Unicontrol and a Sonic Key. The Firebird III was an experimental…


The Howmet Batmobile

The Howmet TX Turbine Car. It looks like an endurance Racer. Sounds like the Batmobile. When I watched the video, I smiled for 5 minutes. The sound! Text from the Ascott Collection. An emblematic car The…